Things To Keep In Mind When Writing A Check

For some people, the idea that checks can still be made is an archaic thought. In fact, a recent article in USA Today pointed out, that sadly, most Americans don’t know how to write a check anymore. In an age where everything is computer driven and digital, there are still people out there that do use checks or need to write one every once in a blue moon. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing checks:

Write a valid date on top of your check. You can use several different formats to do this. Some people may write their dates completely numerical or spell out the month.

The payee should never be left blank! This is the person or company that’s going to receive the check. If it’s a person, always write their full name as it appears on their records. If your check is written for a company, write the entire name of the company, including the titles at the end of the name.

You’ll see a small box with a dollar sign printed in front of it. This box is where you write the amount you’re making the check out for. Make sure to use a decimal point, even if the cents are zeroed out.

After writing out the money amount in numbers, you need to write it out using words. For example, $189.65 would be written as one hundred eighty-nine and 65/100.

All checks contain something called the memo section, and you can use this area to let the payee know the reason for the check. If your check is being given to a company, you should by all means write your account number in case your check is separated from any paperwork.

The last step is always to sign your check as you would any other legal document. Since checks are issued by the bank, it’s important to use the signature you used in order to open your checking account. If you have a joint bank account, anyone that’s registered to use the account may sign the check.

Well, there you have it! Writing a check is easy and you can find out how to write a check to someone by following the link to a great site we found. Our world may be modern, but you can still take pleasure in the fact that you know how to properly write a check; just make sure you have the money in your account so it won’t bounce.